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    🌿Blank Canvas

    You may think your yard is a blank canvas, but your new yard requires a lot thought and preparation before you dig in. The experts at Sparks are here to help! You are probably excited about closing on your new home and can’t wait to plan out your new landscaping.

    🌿Construction Mess

    That blank canvas is also hiding terrible soil, unmarked wires and pipes, weed seeds, and possible random construction material. Sparks is here to help you navigate the process of planning your new yard. The good news is that it's easy to dig new beds, weeds aren’t yet established.

    🌿Don't Delay

    As a new homeowner, your landscape needs to be an early priority. Whether your home is brand new or new to you, landscaping is a key part of making it your own. Well done landscaping can quickly boost the value of your home, and may inspire some neighbors to take on their own landscaping challenges. Enjoying a great yard is one of the best parts of owning a home.

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